Call for Proposals:

Seed Grants on Collaboration in Anti-Trafficking

Trafficking, particularly of women and children, is a major issue in Nepal and despite the efforts of many government departments, UN agencies, INGOs and NGOs, it is a problem which is growing rather than shrinking. From discussions with our partners and other NGOs, GoPhilanthropic Foundation has identified that support for collaboration and coordination between different organizations could help improve effectiveness in the fight against trafficking.

GoPhilanthropic Foundation has strong experience in terms of encouraging organizations to network, share and cross-learn. We propose to take this a step further with our approach in Nepal. Rather than continuing to develop more and more partnerships with individual organizations, each working on their separate agendas related to trafficking, we propose to develop a pilot program with seed funding that would specifically encourage and promote more effective collaboration amongst the organizations working on this issue.
The goal of these seed funds is to provide a source of small grants that organizations can access for collaborative work against trafficking in Nepal.


What Can Funds Be Used For?

  • These are intended to be small grants and the maximum grant size will be US $3,000 (approximately Nepalese Rupees 3 lakhs).
  • Projects proposed can cover any aspect of anti-trafficking work (for example, prevention, protection, rehabilitation, advocacy, research etc.).
  • This program promotes a strong focus on collaboration and innovation and the proposal must be for two or more organizations to work together. An application can be submitted by one single organization but it must be for a project that involves clear collaboration with at least one other organization.
  • There will be a focus on learning and sharing so all successful organizations will be expected to participate in various sharing activities during the project period, including a meeting of all participating organizations at the end of the project cycle (July 2018)
  • The projects are intended to be quick projects which take a maximum of six months to complete. It is expected that the grants will be received in January 2018 so the work must be completed by July 2018 at the latest.
  • Since trafficking is such a huge issue in Nepal, priority would be given to new and innovative collaborative approaches to tackle this issue.


  • Participating organizations must be registered with the Nepalese authorities and be able to receive funds from overseas (USA).
  • Participating organizations must have a genuine desire to share information and cross- learn with others – the focus of these grants is on collaboration.
  • Applications can be completed either by two or more organizations drafting it together, or by one organization drafting on behalf of two or more.
  • GoPhilanthropic Foundation is unable to fund religious organizations.

Application Process

  1. The first round of funding is now available and applications will be open until 31st October 2017. Please download the Application below and return your completed application form to Emily Bild, Regional Development Manager, GoPhilanthropic Foundation: before the closing date. This includes providing a clear budget and timeline for the project.
  2. Applications will be reviewed by the GoPhilanthropic staff and Board and short-listing will take place during November 2017. Short-listed organizations may be contacted for specific information or clarifications about their project.
  3. Successful organizations will be informed by 1st December 2017. They will then be asked to sign a contract with GoPhilanthropic Foundation and should receive their funds by early January 2018.
Download Application

Reporting Requirements

  • The following reporting requirements will be outlined in the contract:
  • Participating organizations will be expected to submit a report on their project within three weeks of project completion. A standardized reporting template will be given to all organizations.
  • Participating organizations will commit to sharing their findings broadly as well as taking part in a shared learning event in Kathmandu in July 2018.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Emily: