We are thrilled to share the launch of a unique and independent GoPhilanthropic Travel website!!

Working in close collaboration with GoPhilanthropic
FoundationGoPhilanthropic Travel functions as a separate socially-conscious travel company providing a platform for global learning and a vehicle to connect with the programs GoPhilanthropic Foundation supports. 
GoPhilanthropic Travel is an innovative socially conscious travel company committed to helping individuals and small groups create meaningful life experiences through Travel Philanthropy.  Our mission is to encourage a deeper understanding of global issues through travel.  Our journeys involve learning about and engaging with a collection effective small grassroots non-profit, committed to long-term work within their communities. The journeys are powerful experiences, often life-changing, and give us each the opportunity to be a part of the solutions.
GoPhilanthropic Travel provides a platform for global learning. We invite you to explore the historical and cultural wonders of a region alongside connecting in person with select social, health, and economic development programs.
Our trips are balanced out with a beautiful blend of cultural and sightseeing visits and offer ample time for rest, relaxation and reflection.  Group sizes are kept small to ensure the philanthropic tours are fully guided by a combination of GoPhilanthropic Travel staff and a network of knowledgeable local guides in each region.