WCRC with support from GoPhilanthropic, continues to drive change in India
Take a few quick moments to scroll through the impact one small organization makes in the lives of thousands of woman and children in India. GoPhil wants to ensure that this important work continues–see below for how you can help.
Child Abuse
Infants are often rented out to street beggars. The children are forced to inhale “White Out” correction fluid causing them to either pass out or appear to be ill in order to attract a higher donation. 
WCRC identifies, rescues the infants, and files legal cases against the women beggars.
The Fight Against Rape 

Two teachers from a government run home for the mentally challenged repeatedly raped a 25 year old cook for the institution over a three month period. The victim felt extremely insecure but finally mustered the strength to tell the chairman of the institution. He asked her to come back that evening after he had a chance to investigate it. Instead of taking any action against the two teachers, the chairman also raped her.
Having heard about WCRC, she traveled the 80 miles to Kolhapur.  WCRC  instructed her on how to draft a demand letter with the local police in order for them to investigate and file a legal case against the three men.
With the support of WCRC, the victim is now pushing to have the case stand before the Supreme Court of India.
 A Survey of the Slums

Volunteer college students studying for their master’s degree in social work assisted in conducting independent surveys within the rag picking communities. Documenting the abandoned, divorced, and widowed women within the slums was the primary focus of the survey team.
A Call for Support…   
$4,300 needed for additional operating expenses
WCRC, against difficult odds, continues to force critical positive change for vulnerable women and children in India.  Amazingly, they do this with an annual operating budget of $15,000.
They are currently in need of filling a shortfall in operating expenses to make the work at WCRC possible.  
Help us bridge this gap by supporting monthly through GoPhilanthropic or through a one time donation.   

GoPhil and the women at WCRC, Kolhapur, India