During the holiday season, perhaps more than ever, we all have the potential to rally our family, friends and networks to make a staggering difference for a truly life-changing cause!

For the past 8 years GoPhil has supported the growth and sustainability of more than 40 small, grassroots organizations working in severely marginalized communities around the world.

Partner programs are typically small and relatively fragile, yet they are tackling huge global issues such as child labor, human trafficking, gender bias, and lack of access to health care and education. We believe in the immense power of peer-to-peer fundraising, because we have seen the collective impact that our community members have generated year after year.


The holiday season is not only a time to give, but also to take the spirit of generosity a step further and mobilize meaningful action.

This year’s fundraising efforts are focused on four incredible partner programs with significant funding gaps. Learn more about them by clicking an image below, get inspired and show your support today.