After 13 years leading the organization and much introspection, Founder Pascal Fautrat has made the difficult decision to step down from his role as the Director of TARA. Pascal is passing the torch onto the very capable and experienced Basanti, who was previously acting as the Deputy Director of TARA and Pascal’s “right hand” leader.

Pascal explains: “It’s the time for me to leave India, although I will stay active for TARA and the children and I will keep coming to meet this incredible, joyful, crazy, inspirational family which I have founded and towards which I have an eternal responsibility… Basanti has happily accepted to take over as the director and understands the seriousness of the position. It’s a huge responsibility, a great honour, a commitment and a chance to lead a unique project which not only protects and changes lives but also has the magic power to fulfill the heart and soul.”

To read more about the TARA leadership transition, follow this link.

We thank Pascal for all the incredible years of leadership and partnership, and look forward to continuing our strong relationship with Basanti and the rest of the dedicated TARA team.

In January, TARA also released the impressive results of their 2019 impact study. We are excited to share the following findings: 

  • 100% of TARA children were enrolled in quality English school
  • 93% of TARA children had reached a normal BMI
  • 95% of TARA children achieved above average grades in school
  • 89% of TARA children scored above average in English
  • 95% of TARA children had improved their social skills
  • 100% of TARA children felt safe at TARA

These numbers help bring to life the transformative power of the TARA program that we’ve have witnessed firsthand and are so proud to support. Thank you for helping the TARA children access the education and safety they deserve! 

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