If there is one thing we at GoPhil are passionate about (and we are passionate about many things!) it’s that philanthropy means more than simply writing a check. At its best, it can bring people together in engaged and collaborative ways with an eye toward solving some of our most difficult problems. This approach moves philanthropy from simply a noun to an action- oriented verb. In this context, philanthropy is about how we can all learn from one another, share ideas and make a difference, both individually and most importantly collectively.

Santa Fe and Denver Hubs

Expanding upon the level of interest and support we currently have in two communities, GoPhil is pleased to announce the formation of two locally based community Hubs…one in Santa Fe and one in Denver. The Hubs are designed, like an actual hub, to be an “effective center of an activity, region or network”. They build upon activity already occurring and will bring like minded people together to discuss topics of global concern such as human rights, health and education as well as to get to know GoPhil better.

Each Hub will meet four or five times a year to discuss relevant philanthropic issues (articles, books, films), to learn more about GoPhil and perhaps to even take on specific philanthropic focused activities, etc. And because this is locally based, agendas will be co-created by the groups themselves.

These two Hubs will launch in July in Denver and early September in Santa Fe.  New Hubs will be organized as interest and critical mass develop.

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  • Get involved if you live in Denver or Santa Fe!
  • Stay tuned for more information and specific dates.
  • Tell your friends who live in these areas about this exciting development.
  • Want help creating your own GoPhil Hub in your community?

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Linda DeWolf, Santa Fe

[email protected]

Amy Leonard, Denver

[email protected]