These past few months at GoPhil have been amazingly active with various community building activities and get-togethers. Make sure you see below for details on the next Annual Gathering…mark those calendars so we can enjoy Napa wine together while we look at results and strategy for next year!
Exploring the Ethics and Opportunities of Travel Photography
Finding that ethical boundary when taking humanitarian photos is a difficult yet very important process– one that we hope to navigate with greater clarity and purpose as we grow. It was an honor for Gophilanthropic to co-host an event with
Beautiful World  Founder Anne Elgerd in Denver on Sept 6th.  The event brought together photographers, leaders of non-profits, and travelers who care about the Ethics of Travel Photography. GoPhil is more committed than ever to continue to explore how best we canCapture Humanity and Celebrate Dignity in the photos we take and share as we raise awareness for our partner programs.  Watch for a soon to be link on our website that details the thought-provoking tips from our panel discussions.  Thank you to our community members Joanie Kibby and John Capurso for attending and helping with this event.


South East Asia Travelers gather to Reminisce…
Randall Manley and Diedra Atkins hosted a fantastic GoPhil travel reunion in Sonoma this July.  They had printed and distributed beautiful photo books of the South East Asia trip and enjoyed chatting about the pogress of the organizations the group was able to support on their journey.  Andreya’s Atkins’ video brought it all back:
Ideas were hatched for a potential GoPhilanthropic trip to Nepal or Tibet… stay tuned:)
GoPhilanthropic Annual Gathering in Sonoma!: May 15-17th, 2015

A weekend of Sonoma Wine, Fresh Air, Good Food and GoPhilanthropic Building
Join us as our community of travelers, donors, friends & partners gather to look at the accomplishments and successes of this year and with an eye on how we can continue to support the work of our wonderful partner non-profits in Africa, India and Southeast Asia.
For those of you who attended last year’s Annual Gathering and Fundraiser in Los Angeles, we experienced first-hand the immense value that comes from physically being together to share our collective ideas and wisdom for greater good.
This year’s event will be a fun weekend away and a great opportunity to reflect on how to make an ever bigger impact through empowerment and education.
Mark your calendars for May 15-17th!  More details to follow..