March 2013,
It is always a struggle to summarize the progress at WCRC and AVANI in Kolhapur–there is simply no way to capture all that goes on between the months that we see with our own eyes.   Here’s a brief snapshot of the daily goings-on within this most important organization.  Their news is a reminder of just how much there is yet to do out there and how much MORE of their work we need in the world.  Thank you for being a partner…
WCRC’s outrage over the Delhi Rape Case:
Anurahda and her women’s representatives have long been fighting, many times at the risk of their own imprisonment, against the atrocities that continue to face girls and women in India.  The horrific events that transpired in December in Delhi prompted a WCRC organized protest with 322 people from different women’s groups coming together for the march.  
A Need for Night Facility & Shelter for Women:
Not a week goes by without abandoned women knocking on Anrudha’s door in need of shelter (her home doubles as the WCRC office).  
In Anuradha’s words this week in an email to us…
“Many women come to us for shelter but it is painful we have to send them back (no place to house them). I sometimes feel until government gives us place we should find rented place for them and provide them rehablitation feclities by giving them some jobs. I really want to do it as soon as possible. Today morning one women came to WCRC for asking some help, she was abonded by her husband and has one girl child. Her parents did want to accept her back and husband threw her out.  I struggled whole day to find place for her to sleep today night in my friends house.”
GoPhil will be exploring how we assist with the project in the coming months.

GoPhilanthropic Heads Back to India–Sept 2013
Join us in visiting the villages and meeting the WCRC women this fall… We will also be stopping in to see the children TARA in New Delhi. Exact dates and detailed itinerary will be posted shortly. Seats fill up quickly -please let us know if you are interested in joining.
Continued Support
Village Health WorkshopsGoPhil continues to focus on expanding the Health Workshops within the villages through our Go Healthy Women Program. Our goal is to reach $1000 in this fund by end of year…we are approximately 1/4 of the way there.
Child Labor Surveys:  Ongoing Support is needed to fund the child labor surveys within the brickyard camps. We are looking for $35 (monthly) donations for these specific efforts.
Basic running costs:  any amount is always needed to fund the basic running costs of WCRC (office costs, transportation expenses for the new motorcycle, travel costs to reach government offices in Delhi/Mumbai etc).
As always–thank you all for your interest and partnership.  Together we are making a very big difference…
The team at GoPhilanthropic–Lydia, Tracey, Ingrid, Linda and Mary Jo