GoPhilanthropic traveler Scott Nance recently returned from a a GP trip to SE Asia.  For many, these trips  are powerful experiences that mark the beginning of a journey.  To call it a philanthropic journey might be limiting… for perhaps it is greater than that.  After returning from Asia, Scott promptly signed up for the March trip to Uganda and Kenya.  From all of us at GoPhilanthropic, thank you Scott for contributing to the magical experiences and connections made on these trips.

In Scott’s words…
“This was my first time to Asia and I was very excited to finally realize a life’s dream. What a wonderful way to experience first-hand the thoughtful work of local people trying to better their communities through education and teaching life skills. Many of these areas struggle economically as their unfortunate political past has, in too many cases, left them bereft of opportunities. Many children have been left behind as economies gradually improve. The old adage about giving someone a hand up instead of a hand out appears to characterize the work that GoPhilanthropic supports through carefully chosen organizations carrying out the mission to give everyone a fair chance. My experience in the world of philanthropy was so rewarding and I look forward to the fruits of this exposure. My life and perspective are forever changed and I hope to create opportunities to support the work of GoPhilanthropic in the future.”

Scott with students from PIO in Cambodia

Scott Nance, 2012 GoPhil traveler