100_1365Two years ago Heather Kilian could only wonder what she might do in all of her time when she retired from her high pressure downtown Toronto job.  She started began by doing what she has loved her whole life–gardening and knitting.  Two years later I think Heather has surprised herself with all the GOOD that has come from her hobbies.  She has launched “Scarves for Scholars, ” selling beautiful hand-made trendy scarves in local shops, at festivals and at GoPhilanthropic events.  Her most recent donation to GoPhilanthropic resulted in funding a tent school for 45 migrant children in the brickyards of Kolhapur, 1 year of secondary school for a young girl in Vietnam and support for Maji Moto Widows program in Kenya.  Heather will take things a step further by traveling to India this October to meet some of the programs she has supported over the years.  If you are interested in purchasing a scarf from Heather–contact [email protected]