A GoPhilanthropic group recently spent some time in New Delhi connecting with the growing family of children at TARA Homes.  We were thrilled to see that four more children have been admitted!   Roshan, Koushboo, Fayoum, Shlok, ranging from 1.5  – 3 years old, now toddle around the other 5 who moved to TARA eight months ago.  Hats off to the staff who have created a shelter that feels more like a home full of warmth–a sense of stability and routine can be felt the minute you walk in the door.
Developing dignity is at the core…
Traveler Sarah Webb getting to know Noorie
Closets are lined with neatly folded clean clothes, the playroom bears stacks of books and fruit trees grow in what was a sparse, dry garden.  But while it is a joy to see the tots surrounded with these much needed basics, the greatest benefits of being admitted to TARA go far beyond the material.  Even the very youngest have lived through serious atrocities, some are fortunate to be alive.  Thankfully, at the program’s core is a focus on helping the children develop a sense of self and dignity where there was none.  

Evaluating the impact of a program:

John O’Connor running TARA’s first Evaluation Project
No matter how effective a non-profit might be, it is critical to be able to track and measure its results. During this month’s visit, GoPhil and John O’Connor from Ceres Management  ran workshops to implement a unique yet powerful impact evaluation tool at TARA Boys called Measuring Significant Change.  Using story-telling as a format, we can gather a rich and profound look at how a child’d life is changing while living at TARA.  This method is frequently applied to social development programs where there are a complex set of variables at play. Stay tuned for the results of this important project.
Ongoing Critical Needs:
Despite all of the progress at TARA, there are critical needs.  Please visit our donate page to make online contributions.
$39 month  – to cover health care for 3 Tots
$26 month  – fund the gas bill for the shelter
Anne Elgerd lunching with TARA Boys
$43 month  – support school fees for 2 Tots
Once the funds for the Tots center are met, TARA looks forward to laying the foundation for a shelter for girls!!

 At the end of our stay, we walk away with a crystal clear example of what it means to be resilient, even at the young age of a year and a half.  Summed up best by TARA’s founder Pascal Fautrat–“What we learn from TARA is that in the worst of situations there is hope.”
Please let us know if you would like to join the next visit and thank you to all who make this wonderful place a reality.