Update from the Field – Uganda and Kenya
Our partners in Africa have been very busy since our last visit in March and it was wonderful to see the fruits of their labor and the amazing impact of your support and donations.
M-Lisada – Music for Life – Kampala, Uganda
Who knew that when you buy a 14 seater van in Uganda, it only comes with 3 seats and that it needs new tires before it can be driven away?!
Used 14 seater van funded by GoPhil donors 
These are the challenges of working in developing countries, and thanks GoPhil’s Mary Jo and to the expertise of Ezra (our travel coordinator for Uganda) and his mechanics, we were able to navigate these country-specific nuances successfully.
This van will provide a critical tool for M-Lisada–they will be able to get to more performances (earning $ for their livelihood), they can transport children safely to school and to the doctors, and they can rent it out when they are not using it (earning further income).
This van was only a dream in March but now thanks to you, it is a reality.
Maji Moto  – Narok, Kenya
During our last visit it was clear that Maji Moto needed the following:
Boys dormitory construction
* Boys dormitory – boys and girls may not share
* Teacher’s dormitory to attract/retain high quality teachers
* 6th grade classroom to accommodate the growing needs of the school
Thanks to your support the boys dormitory is 6 weeks away from completion, the teachers dormitory will begin shortly, and the sixth grade classroom will follow.
With the infrastructure funded and in progress, all attention can turn to optimizing education.  The smiling faces of our elementary sponsored students speak volumes. These girls have a future and it is wonderful to meet them and learn a little more.
In tandem with traditional education, Maji Moto provides vocational training for the older girls and widows to ensure their independence.
Vocational training for beekeeping will begin at the end of this month, and the first two hives are already purchased and installed. Stay tuned….