Bringing maternal health to rural villages 
In October of this year, WCRC ensured that lactating and pregnant women were informed of the benefits of breast feeding, proper nutrition and government assistance that is available to them.
 Life Education for girls
Standing up against injustice to women in the workplace 

WCRC learned from a local newspaper about a female government employee being harassed by the senior officer of her department. 105 women from the surrounding area and villages joined WCRC to demand that the culprit be terminated immediately. WCRC also demanded that a committee should be set up in every government office to prevent women from various types of harassment. 


Come with us…
Join us this Sept 22nd – Oct 4th as we visit with WCRC and all of our partner grassroots programs in India.  
By meeting with community leaders and change-makers, travelers will be able to discover the complexities of development work and learn about both challenges and stories of success. From these experiences they are encouraged to consider how they can become active members of a global community. 

In November, WCRC’s Sharayu Bhosale and healthcare worker Swati Phalake gave a presentation on both the mental and physical changes they will be experiencing as young girls. Ninety students and their teachers attended.