We are thrilled that you are considering a partnership with GoPhil and hope we can play a role in achieving your foundation’s vision. For the past 7 years GoPhil has been deeply involved in the front-line of many relevant global issues relating to health, education and human rights. We offer family foundations access to trusted partnerships with over 40+ courageous NGOs working in marginalized villages and communities around the world, managing the day to day “heavy lifting” that is often required in managing philanthropic funding internationally. We help every step of the way by thoroughly vetting and selecting programs and matching them to your foundation’s particular interests, monitoring and tracking the impact of your funds, and facilitating personal journeys that bring it all to life.

While much goes into building meaningful relationships between family foundations and worthy programs and projects around the world, the following captures “how” we go about doing this in a way that we believe reflects a unique form of innovative, personal and active philanthropy.

Vetting Programs

GoPhil carefully researches and personally vets prospective grassroots partner programs. Our goal is to connect great people to great programs within the areas of human rights, health and education. When we assess a program we seek to understand the issues and dynamics of each region of the world as well as pay attention to selecting programs that apply innovative solutions to addressing root cause problems.

Personal Connections

We place great importance on connecting in person with the people and programs we aim to collectively support. GoPhil staff typically meets with partner programs/NGOs on a quarterly basis and conducts in depth site visits every year.

Donor Journeys

Extending this connection to our partner family foundations is very important to our process — it is during these moments that the relationships become real — where a deeper understanding of the impact and importance of your involvement becomes clear and where the courage and commitment it takes on the part of our partner programs is fully brought to life.

Monitoring Progress

GoPhil has a very robust system of grant management, which includes regular reviews of budgets, program objectives and measurement and evaluation. We work at both an individual and network level around identifying meaningful tools for evaluation and ensuring that the ongoing systems are in place to tell a true story of a program’s impact.

Support Sustainability

Our focus is on driving long-term change and self-reliance in lieu of ‘hand-outs.’  In many cases we support programs with capacity building and skill development so they can ultimately stand on their own, avoiding the typical cycles of dependency so oftentimes seen in the giving world.

Honest Communication

We provide donor updates in a timely, meaningful and transparent way. This means that you get the real news — both the success and the bumps along the way. You’ll receive regular detailed information via blogposts and social media updates, along with personalized program reports including photos and videos when available.

We would love to learn more about you and how GoPhil might support you in achieving your foundation’s future goals and dreams.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

Family Foundation Feedback

Peggy & Brian Sassi Charitable Foundation

“We have been very impressed with both the vetting process that GoPhil conducts and the level of transparency that is provided regarding how our donations are spent.  Over the years, we have been involved with a variety of non-profit organizations and none have been as open and transparent as GoPhilanthropic, which we greatly appreciate.

We have met most of the GoPhil team around the world and are equally impressed with their knowledge of the local issues, their approach to supporting the NGO’s and their overall professionalism and commitment.  We highly recommend taking a GoPhil journey as they provide an opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the region they are working in and the issues they are addressing, meet the NGO partners to see first hand the work that is being done and the quality of the NGO’s they partner with, and to enjoy the company of other like-minded people.”

Panthera Edge Foundation

“The Panthera Edge Foundation is fervently committed to ‘making a difference one individual at a time’ and partnering with GoPhilanthropic has provided many opportunities to fulfill this commitment. Education provides a mechanism to bring about change and to make this difference. Panthera believes education is the key leading to success, a life of independence, and the ability to give back to one’s community. GoPhil’s dedication to education and the scholarship opportunities available through their NGO partners matches well with Panthera’s College Scholars’ Initiative.
GoPhilanthropic Foundation’s experience thus far has been positive and impressive. In 2017 Panthera’s Board of Directors joined the GoPhil ‘Journey Through Southeast Asia’ which was an experience we will never forget. The insight and knowledge gained provided a deeper understanding of many complex issues SE Asian countries face; and therefore, a better understanding of how our involvement with the GoPhil scholarship programs and the students can positively impact each student and their communities.”