Who We Are

We refer to our brand of philanthropy as ‘transformative’ as it seeks to bring forth, connect and integrate the best in each of us for the benefit of a greater whole.

GoPhilanthropic Foundation is a U.S based and registered non-profit made up of a community of global citizens, “everyday philanthropists,” working to create a just and equitable world.

We believe communities are strongest when they do for themselves. Our purpose is to collaborate in expanding the power and potential that resides at the grassroots, where under-resourced communities are working to gain their fair and equal access to education, health, human rights — the opportunities we are each entitled to.

We represent 30+ partner programs across 7 countries in 3 main areas of focus: Education, Health, and Human Rights. Most are small, yet extremely dedicated community-led organizations working at the root of some of the most challenging issues of our time; human trafficking, child-labor, gender inequity, early marriage, and a lack of access to health care and education found in indigenous communities.

The spirit of our partnerships is reflected in our values and belief in a community philanthropy model: one of equity, self-reliance, and shared power.

Core Values

Our core values define our philanthropic strategy.

GoPhilanthropic Foundation enters into all relationships guided by some key fundamental principles grounded in trust and humility. Focusing on these values and principles keeps us grounded and creates pathways for people and programs to discover their own strength and potential.

We Believe…

  • Those closest to the problems understand the issues more deeply.
  • People and communities are strongest when they do for themselves.
  • ‘Listening and Learning’ is more effective than ‘Serving and Solving’.
  • In honoring diversity while working towards UNITY.
  • Partner programs are “contributors” as opposed to “receivers” of help.
  • Impact is not made in isolation.

Jumping the Picket Fence

by GoPhil Co-Founder, Lydia Dean

A beautiful mixture of travel memoir, soul-searching, adventure and making a difference, Jumping the Picket Fence is GoPhil Co-Founder Lydia Dean’s inspiring journey to GoPhilanthropic– an awakening from a lost and under-confident working mother to an ambassador for impoverished communities.

Join her on a fearless, inspirational path around the world — through the ups and downs of volunteering at an orphanage in India, exploring the back roads of Southeast Asia, adopting a child from China, trekking with indigenous peoples of Venezuela, and ultimately launching GoPhilanthropic. From magical and entertaining to painfully raw and unsettling, her experiences reveal the profound value in listening to our inner voices.

“A great read for anyone that is making sense of the path they choose in life — in other words, for just about everyone and anyone.”