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Journeys Within Our Community • Cambodia

Journeys Within Our Community (JWOC) is a local, non-profit, youth-focused organization making big impact in the lives of young Cambodians who want to make positive contributions to society through education. They have learned that focusing on education is where the greatest difference can be made by helping Cambodian youth to better their futures and become leaders in their communities. Years later, JWOC has accomplished more than they ever dreamed possible, with thousands of lives – both of recipients and donors – being positively affected. JWOC was founded in 2006 and is a Cambodian registered non-profit organization.

Mission Statement: The mission of JWOC is to partner with Cambodian youth to fulfill their potential in education, employment and the development of their community.
Vision: All Cambodian youth contribute to the sustainable development of their society.


JWOC works to elevate and empower low-income Cambodians to lead their communities by providing educational and personal development opportunities, inspiring a mindset of collective responsibility and social service. Their primary programs include:

Scholarship Program: With the help of their donors, JWOC awards university scholarships to young people in Siem Reap who have a desire to pursue higher education and help their community. JWOC enhances their University experience by helping them become change-makers and preparing them for skilled employment after graduation.

Better Futures Program: Students from local high schools can join classes, workshops and projects designed to complement their state school studies. JWOC will help them make informed decisions about their options after finishing school, whether it is employment, vocational training or university.


JWOC and GoPhilanthropic have been working in partnership since the early days of GoPhil Foundation in 2011. With the assistance, collaboration and trust of the GoPhil community, JWOC has made the following enhancements to their programs:

  • Funding for new classrooms and books to improve the Learning Center facilities, providing more students with access to quality education;
  • Grants for community development projects such as clean water wells, to improve hygiene and sanitation in rural communities;
  • The launch of new skills classes and training programs, such as sewing and computer technologies, to provide the community with specialized knowledge and valuable vocational skills;
  • The sponsoring of students to receive holistic support from JWOC and achieve their goals for the future.

VIDEO: Community Center

VIDEO: Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow


The high number of JWOC students that have gone on to become JWOC teachers and staff members is living proof of their slogan: Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow.

Additionally, the JWOC team does an impressive job of evaluating the impact of their programs, planning strategically for long-term improvement, and focusing on sustainability.

If you are interested in supporting JWOC, please email us at [email protected]


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