Impact is Not Made in Isolation

In order to combat the most difficult social issues of our time, we must actively work and learn together. GoPhilanthropic’s model to nurture and scale small innovative programs is rooted in a commitment to shared learning and collaboration at all levels—by developing partnerships with what we refer to as a broader global development community—larger, more established NGOs , change-makers, activists, foundations, associations and businesses, within each region and internationally. In doing so, we facilitate ways to leverage their growth by learning from what has already been done, and by exploring what is clearly working and what is not.

When One is Stronger all are Stronger

As we learn time and time again, those closest to the problems, generally know the best solutions.  By bringing our NGO programs together through Network Gatherings and various virtual platforms, partners are able to actively engage in sharing and learning from one another and in replicating already proven models. 

Mapping:  We have committed ourselves to a process of Network Mapping in order to identify the people and organizations working on similar issues in a given region. In doing so, we are able to better understand the complexities of an issues facing an area and to discover the most innovative approaches being applied. Our mapping involves a thorough research on who is doing what, where and why.  read more about our commitment to mapping

The Value we Bring to the Global Development Community

  • Access to carefully vetted grassroots organizations with proven impact
  • Willingness to share, collaborate and leverage our key relationships and learnings
  • Ability to speak on topics relating to grassroots philanthropy and development work.

Our Development Partners

Carl Marks Foundation

Youssef & Kamel Mawardi Fund

Hamilton Foundation