GoPhilanthropic enjoys a longstanding partnership with Journeys Within Our Community in Siem Reap, Cambodia, a small but efficiently run NGO supporting clean water and education.  During the holiday Grassroots Gift campaign, 3 funders selected Clean Water as gift, resulting in the installation of 5 new water wells in the rural outskirts of Siem Reap.   Founder Lydia Dean was able to visit all 5 well locations during her recent site visit to the region.  “The beauty of working with JWOC is that it isn’t just about the wells.  Community training workshops are conducted in all areas where wells are put in…education is at the heart of the program in order that villager members gain a full understanding for the the benefits.  Some are only just coming to the realization that their children are sick from drinking water from their current sources, ” says Lydia Dean.  GoPhilanthropic has funded 17 water wells over  through JWOC as well as supporting the launch of their sewing vocational program and funding 2 classrooms.