Criteria: Small Organizations Making Big Impacts

GoPhilanthropic focuses on assisting smaller organizations to become stronger, more sustainable entities so that they can scale the impact of their work. Generally speaking, partners have annual budgets of $300,000 or less. What they may lack in funding and exposure, they make up for in drive and belief in a better future for the people they serve. While GoPhil’s granting model has small programs as a core focus, our work often involves caring for the health of the ‘whole network’ while facilitating cross learning across networks of organizations is an essential element to our development model. This involves having a few larger, highly functioning organizations with proven success in our network as well.

General guidelines for partner eligibility:

  • Providing access to education, health and human rights for vulnerable populations
  • Community-based initiatives, working at the grassroots, managed at the local level
  • Desire to learn, collaborate, network and communicate regularly
  • Non-religious organization
  • Willingness for transparency in operations and finance
  • Registered as a local or national non-profit

We give particular priority to organizations:

  • Applying unique, innovative and creative solutions to tackling problems
  • Displaying strength and courage to stand-up against harmful traditional or cultural practices

A Wholistic Approach

GoPhil partner programs are on the front-line, offering services in communities lacking access to healthcare, education and human rights. GoPhilanthropic believes in investing in the growth and health of the organization as a whole. Once a program has been fully vetted and a trusting relationship has been established, we provide grants to fund their most critical needs based on the partners’ priorities. These range from daily food and medicine, to salaries or training for qualified staff, to basic operational costs such as electricity and internet services. In many cases, these are the unattractive ‘hard to fund’ yet fundamentally important items on an organization’s budget.

We then consider the strength and weaknesses of a program’s core competencies. Through a series of on-site assessments conducted over a period of time, we identify together how GoPhilanthropic can best support the partner to gain the skills and knowledge needed to scale and develop on a healthy trajectory.

Application Process & Guidelines – PLEASE READ

Please Note: New partner consideration for 2019 is now closed.

Becoming a partner requires the completion of a thorough vetting process over several months that includes conversations, Skype calls, site visits (where possible) and an official partner application process. If you would like to be considered for partnership please review our guidelines and areas of focus and contact [email protected].


Fiscal partnership allows a partners’ own donors in the USA to donate to GoPhilanthropic and designate the funds for your specific benefit. GoPhilanthropic performs the necessary due diligence, evaluation and reporting. GoPhilanthropic does not actively raise funds in the USA for our Fiscal Partners. If you would like GoPhilanthropic to be your Fiscal Partner in the USA, please contact: [email protected].