We believe that travel is where the magic happens, where our differences dissolve and we allow ourselves to truly connect to humanity — person to person.

For many of us, this happens away from the comforts and security of home, surrounded by people who exhibit tremendous courage and dignity in the face of enormous challenges, where we receive the clarity needed to explore just how much of ourselves we can indeed share.

GoPhilanthropic Travel is an innovative, socially conscious travel company encouraging a deeper understanding and connection to the world through travel. Journeys involve learning about and engaging with a collection of effective grassroots non-profits committed to long-term work within their communities. These powerful experiences are often life-changing and give us each the opportunity to become active members of a global community.

Changing the way we see the world.

Join one of GoPhil Travel’s small group journeys offered at various times of the year to engage first-hand with NGO partner programs around the world.

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Tourism is a powerful vehicle, having both positive and negative impacts on local communities.

When facilitated carefully, the link between tourism and community development can have tremendous positive results. NGOs are exposed to a broader international community to raise critical funding and awareness for their work. When education and learning (as opposed to traditional “hand-out charity”) are the backdrop to a traveler’s give back experience, tourism can be an extremely valuable catalyst for global engagement.


GoPhil Travel offers a deep understanding of global issues and an ethical, responsible approach to funding and visiting partner NGOs. GoPhil Travel is committed to experiences rooted in a ‘Listen and Learn’ philosophy, as opposed to ‘Serve and Solve’ experiences promoted by mainstream volunteer/voluntourism travel companies.


GoPhilanthropic Travel maintains strict policies for onsite engagement, especially those involving children, in order to respect privacy and dignity of the people and programs visited. GoPhil Travel always adheres to strict child protection policies and will always avoid disruption of normal NGO program activities.

GoPhilanthropic Travel’s journeys are balanced with a beautiful blend of cultural and sightseeing visits and offer ample time for rest, relaxation and reflection. Group sizes are kept small to ensure an intimate feeling and to explore with a small footprint. Journeys are fully-guided by a combination of GoPhilanthropic staff and a network of knowledgeable local guides in each region.

GO… LEARN… and see for yourself the inspiring work taking place in communities and villages around the world and witness firsthand how you can become a partner in providing solutions. Privately guided and customized trips are also available. For more information please email: [email protected]


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