Completed Partnership: CCFO

Community Care First Organization (CCFO) is a nonprofit leader in the field of residential care transitions and de-institutionalization for children and young adults in Siem Reap, Cambodia. They support families and children through reintegration, kinship or foster care, and set in place long term care plans to monitor the safety and wellbeing of children. Additionally, CCFO runs tailored soft skills and job readiness workshops and one-on-one career planning sessions for young people in order to help them transition smoothly and safely into the world of work.


GoPhil partnered with CCFO in 2017 and provided a small pilot grant to support a series of in-depth job readiness workshops for young adults. These workshops included career counseling, CV and cover letter writing, interview techniques, workplace etiquette, learning and practicing soft skills and empowerment through an understanding of employee rights.

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The workshop series resulted in job placements for 7 young people, including teaching positions, social work, tourism, service jobs, and more. All other workshop participants were encouraged and inspired to return to school and further their education before entering the workforce.

In addition to these great project outcomes, our partnership with CCFO led GoPhil to become more involved in the movement for the deinstitutionalization of children in Cambodia and the promotion of family-based care alternatives.