Completed Partnership: Clean Energy Nepal

Clean Energy Nepal (CEN) is a nonprofit organization that conducts research-based education and advocacy campaigns, public policy recommendations, and pilot implementation programs on issues related to sustainable energy use and environmental conservation. CEN’s three core programs are Clean Air & Urban Mobility; Energy & Climate Change; and Water & Sanitation.

CEN’s work is of paramount importance considering the state of environmental issues in Nepal in recent years. In fact, Nepal received one of the lowest Environmental Performance Index ratings (176 out of 180 countries) in 2018.


GoPhil provided a one-off grant to Clean Energy Nepal in 2017 which focused on raising awareness of air pollution and Air Quality Monitoring (AQM) in Nepal.

GoPhil partnership with Clean Energy Nepal supported the following campaigns and activities:

  • A school awareness-raising campaign focused on the mobilization of trained youth ambassadors. Activities included the development of factsheets and toolkits and the dissemination of already published curriculum for teachers to scale up the campaign and get more schools and students involved;
  • Public advocacy and awareness-raising through peaceful demonstrations and meetings with government officials, the Ministry of Environment, cyclist groups, the public transportation sector, and the traffic police;
  • A media awareness and sensitization campaign.

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With support from GoPhil, CEN’s school awareness-raising campaign engaged more than 10 schools and over 800 students. 15 students were mobilized as “Clean Air Ambassadors” and 4 “Eco-Clubs” were established.

CEN’s media mobilization campaign successfully launched an educational radio program on a popular radio station with over 7 million listeners across Nepal. The program focused on bringing awareness to the issue of air pollution. More than 40 episodes were broadcasted. Additionally, 25 journalists were trained in a “Media Workshop on Initiatives on Air Pollution” workshop. Also, 10 national international and national media outlets were encouraged to run pieces on air pollution, including 5 leading newspapers in Nepal.

Last but not least, over 1,000 community members were reached through public advocacy and awareness-raising efforts.