Completed Partnership: Opportunities of Development thru Art

Opportunities of Development thru Art (ODA) is a grassroots nonprofit organization in Cambodia established in 2003 by Leng Touch, a local activist and Khmer Rouge survivor.

ODA’s objective is to provide a safe environment and improve education and employment opportunities among underprivileged children in remote villages around Siem Reap through access to the arts, English, and computer education.


ODA was one of GoPhil’s first partnerships, beginning in 2011 and continuing through 2018. During this time, the GoPhil community supported a wide variety of ODA programs and activities, including:

  • Running costs of 7 English-speaking outreach schools;
  • Core running costs for the shelter home, supporting over 30 children;
  • Access to clean drinking water and electricity (via solar panels) for major ODA facilities;
  • Sponsorship of the Mountain Girls program, allowing girls from remote locations to benefit from a safe environment, access education, and learn valuable tailoring skills;
  • Support for the Healthy Kids Fund, including dental care activities;
  • Provision of educational scholarships & sponsorships to ensure individual students’ access to education;
  • Back to school uniform drives;
  • Provision of bikes, mosquito nets, art supplies, and other material support;
  • Fundraising events and exhibits of ODA students’ art in the USA.

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Over the course of our partnership with ODA, their facilities saw major improvements, giving more students in the area the opportunity to access basic needs, such as healthcare, clean water, educational classes in English and computer skills, and other valuable life skills. Many students supported by the ODA programs and GoPhil sponsors went on to graduate successfully and secure quality employment as artists, teachers, engineers, and other sought-after careers.

In addition to these great outcomes, our partnership led both ODA and GoPhil to become more involved in the movement for the deinstitutionalization of children in Cambodia and the promotion of family-based care alternatives.