Completed Partnership: TOIT Nepal

“To us, education is the shining light that protects and guides throughout life.” – TOIT

TOIT believes that all Nepali children, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, or economic standing, deserve access to high-quality education. Since 2000, TOIT has been providing hundreds of children from financially disadvantaged families with access to quality education and meaningful opportunities. TOIT’s unique curriculum goes far above and beyond that of normal government schools, including practical knowledge in topics such as recycling, agriculture, pottery, weaving, arts, organic farming, and much more. TOIT students are therefore equipped with a wide range of skills and knowledge, which helps guarantee their success beyond the classroom and later in life. More than just a school however, TOIT acts as a central hub for the entire local community.


GoPhil was introduced to TOIT just before the devastating 2015 earthquake hit. A vast majority of the children attending TOIT’s school lost homes and loved ones to the earthquake. When classes finally resumed, most of the students were unable to focus on their studies due to post-traumatic stress and hunger.

GoPhil provided the following support to help TOIT and the students move forward from this tragedy: 

  • Funding to establish a free lunch program;
  • Support for psychological counseling for the children;
  • A grant to complete the construction of a science lab and library;
  • Funds to equip the lab and library;
  • A grant to expand and improve the toilets and sanitary facilities.

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With GoPhil’s support, 100 disadvantaged children benefitted from TOIT’s free lunch program. Furthermore, each and every student at the school was provided with psychological counseling, which aided them in overcoming the trauma and suffering caused by the earthquake.

Overall, the TOIT school became even more of a community hub during the months and years following the earthquake, a focal point for communication, planning, support, and a return to normalcy for children. We are so humbled to have played a small part in the collective healing of the TOIT community.