Children’s Education Foundation (CEF) Introduces first Girls to Women Workshop

Thanks to a generous GoPhil donor who visited SE Asia with us this past February along her young teen age daughter, our partner CEF, located in Central Vietnam, was able to develop and introduce its first in a series of educational programs focused on providing practical information to teen age girls.

Topics for the session ranged from female hygiene to nutrition to contraception. Because these issues are typically not discussed in school nor at home, this was a very unique opportunity for the thirty-nine girls, grades 10 and up, to learn, talk and sometimes even giggle together in a safe environment.  At the end of the day the girls came away feeling they had learned a lot and were thrilled to receive their own book on health as a reference.

All in all, the CEF staff felt the workshop was a great success and even learned a few things themselves!

As to the girls, here are just a few of their comments:

“This was my favorite workshop that I ever joined. It not only provided me with much new useful knowledge about sexual education and personal hygiene that I hadn’t known before but it also gave me the chance to meet, work with and share our relevant knowledge with other CEF friends. I hope that I can join many workshops like this in the future.”

“This workshop… provided me with much knowledge and information to protect myself and answered all my questions that I didn’t know who to ask.”

“The workshop not only provided me with much useful and necessary knowledge, but also made me feel joyful and happy.”

Three more of these workshops will be hosted by CEF in the fall and the hope is to make this offering a cornerstone of the CEF programs for girls.