According to a World Health Organization survey, thirty-two children in Vietnam drown every day–giving Vietnam one of the highest rates of child drowning in Asia.  Despite being a country that borders the sea and one with many dams, lakes, and rivers, most Vietnamese (including fisherman and farmers) don’t know how to swim.
In order to prevent children from drowning, GOPhil partners Children’s Education Foundation has been offering a Water Safety Day  to its sponsored students for the past five years.   Thanks to a generous donor, GOPhil was thrilled to be able to fund this important event this year.  CEF’s Water Safety Days have been highly successful as children become acquainted and comfortable with the water.  This year CEF was excited to report that 70% of the students successfully learned to float, and 40% learned to swim.
The children look forward to day in the water—for some, it is the highlight of their whole year!