by Corinne Yank, GoPhil Communications Manager

To exemplify the outstanding impact made by Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation in 2019, we have divided their programs and success into four distinct categories: prevention, protection, prosecution and partnership – also known as “the four Ps” approach to combatting human trafficking.

Blue Dragon recognizes that all four areas are essential and interconnected, so they have developed an integrated approach in order to holistically address the issue and enact lasting change. Below are just a few examples of their incredible impact in each of these core areas in 2019.


Blue Dragon works to address the root causes of trafficking, two of which are education and lack of opportunity.

  • In one of the most remote regions in Vietnam, where the prevalence of trafficking is high, Blue Dragon built a boarding house and classrooms for primary school children of ethnic minority communities who live too far from school to travel each day. 
  • Blue Dragon secured quality, safe employment opportunities for young people ready to join the workforce. During the year, they helped 46 teens and young adults find great jobs as bakers, baristas, chefs, hairdressers, make-up artists, and mechanics.


Blue Dragon does not simply rescue survivors, but invests in their long-term rehabilitation and community reintegration.

  • In the last year alone, Blue Dragon rescued 107 women and girls who had been trafficked to China into forced “marriages” and for sexual exploitation. 
  • In total, they have now rescued over 900 survivors of trafficking. 
  • Throughout the year, Blue Dragon supported 85 children on the streets of Hanoi and offered a place to stay while they helped them get back to their families or find safe, long-term accommodation.
  • Blue Dragon developed a series of workshops to help survivors of trafficking heal from trauma and build up their confidence and self-esteem. Through lectures, reflection sessions, group activities and photography challenges, the SHINE program aims to help girls realize their own strength and value.

CASE STUDY: Nhi’s Story

At the age of 18 “Nhi” was tricked by her boyfriend, trafficked to China and sold to a man as a bride. Since then, Nhi has completely transformed her life. First, Blue Dragon rescued and supported her to return to Vietnam and complete her education. After graduation, Nhi decided to pursue a career as a baker, so she enrolled in a 9-month bakery course with the support of Blue Dragon. Learning the names of all the cakes and ingredients was challenging, but Nhi didn’t give up. “After everything that happened, I told myself that I had to try my best, that I had to focus on trying rather than thinking about things that upset me.” She did just that and is now starting her new job as a baker! As you can see, Blue Dragon’s protection work is transformative and goes far beyond the initial trafficking rescue.


Blue Dragon promotes access to justice and puts a stop to cycles of abuse and exploitation.

  • Blue Dragon worked with the Vietnamese government to ensure legally enshrined protections to victims of crimes. Now, when any person is the victim of a crime, the law is clear that they are entitled to legal representation. Previously this was not the case. This is an impressive systematic change that will allow countless survivors to access justice. 
  • Blue Dragon’s lawyers represented 27 people in 18 court cases around the country, with a 100% success rate of sending human traffickers and child sex abusers to prison. This success rate is incredible in any part of the world.


Blue Dragon partners with survivors themselves, law enforcement, NGOs, other local community stakeholders to be sure they are following best practice, keeping stakeholders informed and engaged, and to ensure key information sharing is done.

In addition to the partnerships above, Blue Dragon also relies on compassionate individuals like you from all around the world in order to continue to combat human trafficking, one of the worst practices in the world.

We are working to garner support from our community to fund four more Blue Dragon trafficking rescues in the year ahead. Our total fundraising goal is USD $11,200, as each complex, carefully-planned (often international) rescue costs an average of USD $2,800

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