by Corinne Yank, GoPhil Communications Manager

Centro Maya is impressing the world with amazing resourcefulness and music, which has the ability to bring everyone together.

GoPhil partner Centro Maya provides much needed holistic services for indigenous persons with disabilities in Guatemala, addressing not only their physical abilities, but also their nutrition, mental health, education, family life, empowerment, self-esteem, professional development, leadership, inclusion in society and overall well-being. In Guatemala, where even the most basic services for people living with disabilities are hard to come by, it is astounding to come across comprehensive, progressive support for such an underserved population.

With generous support from the GoPhil Community, Centro Maya’s Music Program uses music, dance, and theater with therapeutic purposes in order to facilitate and promote participants’ communication, interpersonal relationships, learning experience, movement, expression, confidence and joy!

Centro Maya’s Music Program is truly innovative, inclusive and life-changing. Twelve 30-minute music therapy sessions are offered every day, with group activities taking place on Thursdays and Fridays. The music team even travels to Panyebar, a nearby community, once a week for practices and rehearsals. For many of Centro Maya’s beneficiaries with extensive special needs, the music grounds them, challenges them, dramatically improves their mobility and gives them an opportunity to participate in and be a proud member of their community.

Not only does the music program provide an opportunity for all 100 beneficiaries to learn about music, dance and theater, but the program also offers the chance and support to perform for their community. These performances are an absolute celebration, while also providing immeasurable fun and confidence for the participants. Centro Maya’s approach is all about group success – they are not giving anyone special treatment but rather, celebrating the collective aspects of performing arts. This strengthens their ability to get all the students excited and participating, and also provides an outstanding chance for socialization.

A heart-warming example of Centro Maya’s Music Program.

We are so proud of the work Centro Maya does and incredibly grateful for all those who have joined together to invest in human potential and dramatically improve the lives of children in Guatemala.

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