New Paradigm’s ‘Casual for a Cause’ Gives the Gift of Clean Water

In November 2016, we shared a dire situation with New Paradigm concerning a remote Laos farming and fishing village along the Mekong. Here clean water was available only a few months a year, leaving the 500 some families in the village of Ban Namnga with no safe water to use for drinking, cooking or even personal hygiene. The village’s water pipes were old, corroded and badly cracked and the water tank held very little water most of the year and what was in the tank was typically contaminated.

After a fact finding visit and some discussions, our GoPhil partner, Laos Educational Opportunities Trust (LEOT), met with the village headman and came up with a solution that required purchasing and laying new pipes and the installation of a new water tank. The villagers agreed that they would work along side LEOT if LEOT could find a funding source. That is when New Paradigm stepped in with their ‘Casual for a Cause’ donation.

The Outcomes

Just a few months ago we were able to report to you on the successful completion of Phase 1: renewing the pipe from the original water source to the village. Now we are pleased to let you know that Phase 2 and 3 have been completed as well. New pipes have been laid and buried and a new and larger reinforced water tank has just recently been installed.

Thanks to New Paradigm, LEOT was able to plan the project and then work right alongside some sixty villagers over the past few months to complete the work on plan and on budget. The amazing result is that this village and its district school, with over 150 children, now have a year round supply of clean water.

And a Big Thank You!

Peter Banwell, the LEOT director sends his gratitude by writing: “Please thank Greg and New Paradigm for their support on this project. The village has worked very well with us throughout and it is has been a joy to see them enjoy the gift of clean water.” And GoPhil can’t thank you all enough for your deep caring and ongoing support. It has made a huge difference in the lives of so many.

In appreciation, Ban Namnga School sends a big “Khàwp Jai Lai Lai” (thank you very much) to New Paradigm and its employees along with the photo of children and staff in front of the new water tank above.