To Our Global GoPhil Community

24 March, 2020

Over the course of the last several weeks we have watched something unprecedented unfold around the globe: the spread of the novel COVID-19 virus which has left the world feeling immense anxiety and fear. We hold each of you and your families in our thoughts in this difficult time. In moments of crisis and uncertainty, our commitment at GoPhil to listen carefully, trust deeply, and commit fully is more relevant than ever.

We pressed pause for a moment so as to try to grasp the scope of this escalating situation, and also in acknowledging that inboxes and social media feeds are full to the brim. During our brief silence, we have been thoughtfully listening to the heartbeat of humanity so that we can better understand what our community and partners need from us in light of these recent events. The feedback is clear, and we will continue to be a direct source for news of hope and optimism celebrating all that is possible when humanity comes together. At GoPhil, we wholeheartedly believe in the power of positivity, encouragement and support which helps each of us to thrive.

The GoPhil Community of partners, donors, ambassadors, Board of Directors, co-founders and staff stand at attention, together, ready to serve with a more committed focus than ever. We must trust deeply in the power of collaboration and human connection. GoPhil partner programs span seven countries, many of which are already at a disadvantage due to inadequate healthcare systems. Yet, their work continues on the frontline where, on top of everyday challenges, they are now having to take precautions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and deal with the impact this pandemic will have on their communities and programs. We stand with each of them and trust that with our collective support, they will navigate this chaos and come out stronger and more confident on the other side. We must encourage them, and one another, as we ride this tumultuous wave of uncertainty to shore.

To learn more about how COVID-19 is directly affecting Assade’s health clinic which serves indigenous peoples in rural Guatemala, please read: Impact of Coronavirus in Rural Guatemala. To understand how this global pandemic is impacting rescue work at Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation in Vietnam, please read: Trafficked ‘brides’ stuck in China due to coronavirus after fleeing abuse. These are merely two examples that depict how this current crisis is impacting the work of GoPhil partners around the globe.

We believe that we all live in a world where no one should ever go without. This was true before COVID-19 and it is even more relevant today. Collectively, we possess the resources to provide support when it is most urgent, thoughtful advice or a listening ear when sought, encouragement in times of uncertainty. We must commit fully to our personal responsibilities to humanity – both big and small – during a crisis. It is paramount to dig deep and continue to support what we hold dear to our hearts. We are fully committed to actualizing current grants and funding needs for GoPhil partners, and also to begin focusing on their next funding cycles, enabling partners to respond to changed priorities resulting from COVID-19. We recognize that needs may shift along the way and we will remain flexible and open in this time of uncertainty. We must prepare for every scenario and right now, supporting GoPhil partners in every way is more valuable than ever before.

This new global landscape of uncertainty calls each of us to step forward, and with every step you take, we will be by your side.

In absolute solidarity,

Your GoPhil Team

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