Our recent GoPhilanthropic Global Gathering in Santa Fe exemplified all that our expanding GoPhil community hopes to offer in its international philanthropic work — connection, power of partnership, and investment in both the people and ideas that change our world for the better. We all agreed that we need a great deal more of this positive action at this unique moment in time.

The GoPhil Gathering was held in conjunction with the world famous International Folk Art Market which reinforced the importance of giving people ACCESS to the much needed tools to create opportunity for themselves. Many of our community members traveled from far and wide to be together to personally contribute and roundtable their thoughts on where GoPhil is now and our potential for the future.

A Strong Desire for Deeper Involvement

While so many interesting discussions came out of our varied get togethers, we heard and felt a resounding desire for more engagement in what takes place within GoPhil. Our community members bring tremendous life experience to the table in so many varied fields and capacities, and we were overwhelmed and excited at the readiness to do more.

Why? The world NEEDS it and now is the time.

In order to capitalize on and mobilize the motivation to be more involved, ideas emerged around developing working Engagement Groups surrounding various projects at GoPhil. These groups would gather ‘virtually’ a few times each year so as to not be too time consuming, yet highly effective. This offers our members more opportunity to be a part of the internal functioning of this beautiful growing GoPhil that we know provides such critical and necessary support to grassroots efforts in underserved areas of the world.

Fundraising, Events & GoPhil Hubs Development

Help us discover unique and meaningful ways to raise needed funds, attend global events in our own local towns and cities, and continue to build our regional hubs.

External Landscape, Philanthropic Trends & Networking

Help us participate in important meetings and conferences relating to grassroots global development, follow relevant movements or important changes in the ‘giving world’ and connect the dots with like-minded people and organizations.

We are really hoping to provide more opportunities to engage the great minds and skills in our community in this coming year and we have a number of other ideas for engagement as well. Please keep ideas flowing in terms of your passions and skills. We see a group forming around communicating the voices and stories within our global network of inspiring change-makers so calling all writers! Please reach out if this could be of interest to you and we would be happy to discuss.

Let us know if you are interested in joining an Engagement Group – click here!

Current Needs and Shortfalls – Help GoPhil Expand

We pride ourselves on complete transparency across the board — financial being at the top of this list. At our gathering, we shared the excitement around our shift from an originally small, volunteer-based team of three (aka “3 legged stool”), to a current team of eleven people, four of whom are paid to work part-time.

We shared our very exciting Three Year Vision and Strategy Plan for growth (click image at right to view), which includes continued investment in important internal development. In order to reach these goals, GoPhil needs to raise an additional $44,000 of unrestricted donations over the next three years to cover the shortfall. Recognizing what we have accomplished together thus far, we know this is very possible if we all do a bit.

You can also join our Founder’s Circle — a group of GoPhil donors committed to seeing our organization do more of what it already does so well. To learn more about the Founder’s Circle, click here.

Help us reach our goal.


Special Thanks

We would like to express our endless gratitude to all of you who make what GoPhil is and does possible, for everyone who made their way to New Mexico, and to the amazing people who opened up their beautiful homes to host our special gatherings. Together, we have great things on the horizon!