GoPhilanthropic Gathering

Building a Global Community – February 8th, 2014  in Los Angeles, CA

40 GoPhil members gathered in Los Angeles to explore the most effective ways to get help where it is needed most.

Solutions to global issues emerge from the backyard!

GoPhilanthropic members bring a vast set of skills and experience, both professionally and personally to the table. Exploring and engaging in this knowledge was a primary purpose of the gathering.
Together we discussed key areas that will help GoPhil offer both the tools and skills for its partner organizations to thrive and stand on their own – our ultimate goal.
We Can Be Different!
In the coming weeks we will be sharing the summary of innovative approaches we discovered together–such as giving ourselves the freedom to ACT differently! Putting some of the great ideas to work is the next step.
$75,000 Raised in One Evening!
Stay tuned for the impact this has in small communities devoted to Health and Education.

GoPhil donors and former travelers reunite, and Anne Elgerd shares products from her “Beautiful World”