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Asking the difficult questions…

Looking back over our relatively short history, we can feel pleased with having provided our partner programs a long list of critical tools for success.   We have deepened our relationships with each program and established the trust required in genuine partnership.  Ready and excited to take things to the next step, we are now asking ourselves the more difficult questions.  How can we make a difference long-term?  How can we help our partners become more self-reliant, more creative and effective, and less dependent on outside source of funding in the future? 

Philanthropy is more effective when funds are coupled with sharing of knowledge
We have learned that our financial contributions have more of an impact when coupled with a sharing of knowledge.  Growth, progress and change can take place more effectively when this additional value is at the core of our philanthropy.  In 2013, we look to combine your donations and our financial grants with learning tools and program impact evaluations.  This will mean spending more time on the ground, researching exhisting models of development, and tracking where the most effective growth is taking place within our partner programs.  This will then help guide where future monies can be most appropriately applied.
Foundation member Linda DeWolf spends 6 weeks in SE Asia
Spending time and engaging in person with these programs is at the heart of what we do.  Foundation team member Linda DeWolf is currently in SE Asia for a 6 week visiting 4 of our partner programs.  It is in the simple sharing of meals, cups of tea and in just interacting that we can help our partners get where they need to go.  Follow Linda’ s travels on our Facebook Page. We also look forward to receiving further reports from her on the young painters at ODA , the new careers being launched for women at PIO and HUSK, and how your CEF scholarships students are coming along in Vietnam. 
GP group heading to Uganda and Kenya
This March Mary Jo and Tracey set off to guide a full group as they journey to Uganda and Kenya  to visit our partner programs there… stay tuned for news from the field.
Other upcoming journeys will be announced throughout the year.
Once again, thank you all for making the work at GoPhilanthropic and its AMAZING partner non-profits around the world possible,