In the past year GoPhil provided Aula Mágica with their first pilot grant. We are amazed to see the expansion of their preschool program in such a short time and the following results show what a small program – fueled with passion, motivation and dedicated people – can do with a leg-up!

Guatemala is a country where preschool is not mandatory and the distances and the lack of teaching staff make it almost impossible to get off to a great start in first grade. In fact, half of Guatemalan children don’t enter a classroom for the first time until the age of seven, and as a result of almost non-existent preparation for the challenges of attending school, a whopping 27% of students throughout the country drop out or fail the first grade. In partnership with Aula Mágica, a unique and powerful small NGO in Guatemala, GoPhil hopes to help in painting a different picture.

Aula Mágica offers children an important boost by providing preschool programs to underserved areas in hard to reach, rural Guatemala – nearly 300 children to be exact. Through your generous donation, Aula Mágica has received critically needed support for their local staff salaries. And what a difference that support has made as it is absolutely essential for the program’s growth and future sustainability.

In the past year GoPhil has granted Aula Mágica their first grant. We are amazed to see the expansion to its preschool program in such a short time. The following results show what can happen when a small program, fueled with passion, motivation and dedicated people can do with a leg-up.

With an initial grant of $5,000 made possible by generous GoPhil donors:

  • Aula Mágica has been able to keep all 22 of their classrooms up and running for the year, without interruption. This is a first and a huge milestone for them!
  • Staff members Michael and Sophia traveled to four potential new project areas deep in rural Guatemala to conduct community assessments to ascertain the need and acceptance of preschool programs there.
  • Through lots of meetings and engagements, Aula Mágica has been able to secure some additional support and funding for the classrooms. This in addition to funds already committed by GoPhil for the next phase of their work, all of which can translate to long term sustainability.
  • Finally, we just learned that between April and November of last year, those Aula Mágica children receiving a nutrition supplement had a 74% reduction in anemia! This is said to be one the highest reduction seen in a rural program. Outstanding news and congratulations to staff.

As we continue to work with Aula Mágica, we look forward to watching their progress unfold in the communities they serve. Thanks to all our donors who are making this possible!

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