We were thrilled to see the Temporary Learning Center tent constructed this week in Grang village of Ramche VDC, Nepal.  The tent was funded by the Mawardi Foundation grant which was awarded to GoPhil after last year’s earthquake that took place on April 25, 2015.

The earthquake destroyed most of the village class rooms, furniture, toilets and water systems. UNICEF was able to erect temporary tents so the schools could continue to function but they have since suffered serious damage, making it very challenging to run classes.  Student enrollment has also been higher after earthquake due to the migration of people from adjacent villages.

Delivery and construction of the newly-funded GoPhil tent was conducted by partners AYON and the The World is My Country Foundation (TWIMCF) and will benefit over 200+ students while a permanent school is built.

Winter blankets and solar lighting were also delivered by TWIMCF as a part of a larger Winter Relief Project.