GoPhil is thrilled to be offering our first grant to SASANE in Nepal working very hard on fighting human trafficking.  The grant (funded through Chevron’s matching funds program) will be applied on the front line, educating women and girls in the mountainous rural areas where the risks are the greatest.

In 2007, a group of human trafficking survivors gathered together for the purpose of creating an organization to protect human trafficking survivors, run by survivors. SASANE was registered as and NGO. Today it provides programs and educational resources to empower female human trafficking survivors and girls at risk of being trafficked or re-trafficked.

Former trafficked girls are trained as paralegals and work in police stations
Their major program areas include a paralegal program where 174 trained former survivors now work in police stations offering free legal advice o visitors who otherwise could not afford legal services.  Their “Sisterhood Of Survival Vocational Program “ supports  girls who are not academically able to take the paralegal course.  They are offered training skills in  the tourism industry. They currently offer cooking classes to travelers alongside presenting the successes of SASANE program.

Since the earthquake, the frequency of trafficking has greatly increased.

GoPhil offered its first grant to SASANE in January, 2016 in support of their Mountain Education Program targeting women, girls and children in seven villages of Nuwakot—an area that experiences heavy trafficking.  SASANE believes that the most important tool in preventing this injustice is education.  Through its Mountain Education Program, women and children are offered basic education as well as preventive information on issues relating to trafficking.


GoPhil staff and donors will be visiting SASANE in March, 2016 during the Journey to Nepal.