by Allegra Mangione, Development & Marketing Coordinator

You will see two big fundraising campaigns introduced by GoPhil this fall – GoImpact: Monthly Giving for a Sustainable Future, and an exciting GivingTuesday fundraiser and Livestream with GoPhil partners. In line with our commitment to transparency in all that we do, we would like to share an overview of why we are focusing on each campaign and how they will help GoPhil and partner programs thrive.

Investing in Fundraising & Marketing

Donors often wonder, why do nonprofit organizations invest time and resources into asking me for money instead of investing it into their programs? Nonprofit organizations often come under criticism for spending dollars on fundraising and marketing. At GoPhil, we are especially mindful of this. After all, a dollar that goes into GoPhil’s marketing budget could instead be part of a grant to an incredible partner.

The truth is, it is not that simple. Nonprofit organizations, like all businesses, need to invest in marketing for long-term sustainability. It is a myth that nonprofit organizations can operate on a shoestring budget and still achieve impact. The nonprofits with the most significant impact invest heavily in their staff and equipping their staff with everything they need to be successful. That is part of why the grants we give to partner organizations often fund staff salaries.

Fundraising like Monthly Giving programs and Giving Days (and the reason why GoPhil is currently focusing efforts on these) help organizations create reliable, sustainable revenue streams. Nonprofit organizations rely heavily on donations, and donations can fluctuate due to many factors. We know that individual donors are consistently the largest and most abundant revenue source for nonprofits year after year.

Monthly Giving

Monthly giving benefits everyone involved: Donors, GoPhil, and partner programs. When you give monthly, GoPhil can project how much money to expect each year. With certainty about how much we will receive through monthly giving, we can give partners more assurance of their GoPhil grant. This will become especially important as GoPhil transitions from one-year to multi-year grants.

Another reason we launched GoImpact is to foster a community of globally-minded humanitarians. We are fortunate to have a network of donors committed to health, education, and human rights who share our value that communities do best when they do for themselves. We hope that GoImpact will help these donors feel connected to each other and shift the narrative from the impact of one donor’s donation to the collective impact of a group of dedicated donors’ giving. That is why we will be sharing updates on how much we have raised through monthly giving and its subsequent impact in our monthly newsletter, GoNews.

Lastly, monthly giving is easy for everyone, including you. It makes donating easy for donors and frees up GoPhil staff time. This will help us grow and thrive in the long-run, and we hope it will make living your passion for supporting power at the grassroots a little easier.


GivingTuesday, and all one-day giving events, are essential for nonprofit organizations because they are opportunities to harness the collective power of supporters around a single day. Many donors like to have an occasion to ask their friends and family to contribute to causes they care about, and GivingTuesday offers exactly that.

GoPhil has a goal to raise $15,000 on GivingTuesday in 2020. Having a community rally around a singular goal makes it more likely that we will meet (and hopefully exceed!) our goal. Plus, it creates space for new donors to engage with GoPhil through family members and friends.

This year, GivingTuesday will be particularly special as we pilot our first-ever Livestream with GoPhil partners so that you can hear directly from the frontlines. While we have an excellent line-up of partners throughout the day (ASSADE and Centro Maya from Guatemala, Blue Dragon from Vietnam, PEPY from Cambodia, Collaborative Schools Network from Nepal, and Equal Community Foundation from India), funds raised on GivingTuesday will be put in a general pool to be allocated to the partners that need them most.

As part of the day, we are also asking GoPhil supporters to create personal fundraisers to share with family and friends. With just the click of a button, you will receive a personalized fundraising link to share with your network via email or on social media. You can create a personal goal and also craft a story about why GoPhil’s work is important to you.

Both GoImpact and Giving Tuesday will help us project revenue for next year and build sustainability in the long run. Your participation will be critical to their success. Please contribute by joining these efforts.