Amazing things have transpired these past few weeks at GoPhilanthropic–news we couldn’t wait to share so that you could all take part in the various celebrations taking place within our partner programs.

The wave of these exciting events and important milestones are the culmination of a lot of hard work and devotion and the result of a deep commitment to collaboration.  This reflects a very core belief at GoPhilanthropic–when people come together GREAT things happen. Thanks to all of you who are playing your part in this beautiful journey!
Despite all this progress, there are a couple of pressing needs within our programs.  As you will see below, our focus this month is on securing funds for a rick-shaw and 2 computers at WCRC in India and finding sponsors for 5 girls at Enkiteng Lepa School, Maji Moto in Kenya. We will have several Holiday options for those of you who would like to purchase gifts or simply to take part in giving season. Feel free to email us for more details.
We hope you enjoy these snippets of goodness!!!
Opening of TARA Girls!
After years of TARA envisioning a shelter for girls, the day has come.  The doors have finally opened to TARA Girls!  Here are the first five TARA Girls– soon to number 20!  Several loyal GoPhil donors came together to fund the outfitting and renovation of their home including a much needed scooter and full time nurse. The children from all three homes (Tots, Boys and Girls) celebrated the big day along with Founder Pascal Fautrat and other local supporters.
GoPhil donors fund a science lab and library at TOIT School in Nepal
A few months ago, GoPhil donors helped this school in a disadvantaged community distribute much needed food and psychological counseling after the earthquake. Continued funding from generous donors will be applied in the coming weeks to the empty side of their school where a science lab and library will be built.  Despite the added challenges of a crippling fuel crisis and ongoing political unrest, TOIT has been able to secure the materials needed and will begin building shortly.
TOIT requires that all of their students wear safety reflectors to and from school to protect them from the dangerous traffic on the main road.
Making something from nothing…
Anuradha Bhosale and the women at WCRC build a future on trash
Their ingenuity continues to amaze us.  Migrant and disadvantaged women are trained by WCRC staff to sort and make organic compost from the city’s waste.  What was originally a pilot program, now has the financial legs to become a healthy viable business for women who previously lacked access to their basic human rights.  WCRC is currently looking for funding for a rick shaw and 2 computers.  Please email Lydia Dean for more details. 
GoPhil donors make Leng’s dream of educating girls from the mountains a reality.  ODA celebrates the opening of the girls’ new home…
The Mountain Girls Homestay Education Project was completed, blessed by the Monks, and welcomed by the girl students, their families and the residents of Wat Village in Siem Reap last Sunday.  Thanks to a GoPhil donor who made the construction project possible, fifteen girls are now settled in their home which was built on top of an existing ODA free school building. Their secondary school is a short walk away and they will  learn computers and English in the ODA English school they now live above 🙂 Five more students will join them in the next week for the new school year.  The design, costing and construction was managed by Leng and Trai Vet, an ODA student in his last year of Civil Engineering. click here for the full report
Blessing of the building by the monks.
GoPhil sponsorships at CEF (Vietnam) and Maji Moto (Kenya) exceed 60 students!
We are so proud of all of the GoPhilanthropic sponsored students for their courage and tenacity in pursuing their studies.  These students, mainly girls, have to fight hard against harmful and limiting cultural and economic factors that prevent them from achieving their true potential.  Thank you to all of the sponsors who provide this life-changing opportunity to them. If you are interested in sponsoring a student– email Tracey Morrell.
This is only a portion of the success our partner programs are accomplishing with your support.  We have many options for funding if you would like to play a role in on-going and future campaigns.  We know many of you like to take advantage of the Holiday Giving Season to make contributions. Please email us for a complete list of on-going needs. 
Warm wishes to all of you and most importantly—Thank you!!!!
The team at GoPhilanthropic Foundation