by Corinne Yank, GoPhil Communications Manager

HUSK supports two rural communities in Cambodia and their surrounding areas, offering a broad range of projects which aim to provide education, eliminate poverty and improve access to: food and nutrition, clean water, shelter, sanitation and vocational training.

HUSK found themselves in a tough spot last year as they did not have the funds to pay for staff salaries. Thanks to the generous support of our GoPhil Community, HUSK Co-Founders Anthony and Fiona were able to pay all salaries while also appointing two much needed team members.

HUSK was thrilled to welcome Sokheurm as the Donor & Communications Manager in August. Sokheurm has been working for nearly 9 years at their hotel, Sojourn, where he showed enormous potential; for months, Anthony and Fiona had been hoping he would agree to make the transfer over to HUSK. This placement will ensure that things continue to run smoothly when Anthony and Fiona are out of the country. It is fantastic to see a local staff member take over this key position and it is a significant step in the transition away from being a ‘founder-led’ organization – we are sure you will agree that this is an important move towards long-term sustainability for HUSK.

Savett has also re-joined the HUSK teaching staff after having her baby and is now teaching both Computer and English courses. HUSK is happy to have her back as she is very experienced and plays a key role in managing the teaching program. Finally, Anthony and Fiona have recently appointed Sophearn – a HUSK graduate –  to teach students from her village. She is doing a sensational job and the team is very happy to have her on-board; it is wonderful to see their own former students joining their team! Overall, HUSK is breathing a sigh of relief as their long-term sustainability feels much more within reach.


With a brand-new classroom, generously supported by members of the GoPhil community, the year has been full of English and computer classes; HUSK now supports over 500 students and holds over 70 classes per week.

HUSK is in the process of developing a new computing curriculum, based off another GoPhil partner, Laos Educational Opportunities Trust (LEOT). HUSK’s goal is to be able to upgrade their program and offer additional classes on specific programs such as QuickBooks or front desk reservation systems, in order to provide students with important skills needed for future employment opportunities.

The new school year begins in November, and thanks to GoPhil support, new books have been ordered, ensuring every student will have the resources they need for critical learning. These books provide the framework for HUSK’s curriculum and are absolutely essential to the success of their program.


Speaking of success, HUSK’s “Softies Program” continues to provide amazing women with critical skills that are absolutely unparalleled. Thanks to the Carl Marks Foundation, the women have boosted their confidence and earning power through training programs and materials supported by the GoPhil Community. The program is currently generating income opportunities for local women through the production and sale of technical items for local and international businesses, such as aprons and bags, as well as brand-specific “softies” or stuffed animals. In fact, they are now exporting more than 2,000 bags to Japan each year!

For those products that are being sold locally, HUSK feels it is paramount to move from their current method of displaying the softies on an open shelf unit to one of using wardrobes with doors which would: 1) more attractively display the softies, and 2) protect them from the wear and tear of the humidity and dust that is so prevalent in Cambodia. Their goal is to secure up to 3 wardrobes by the busy tourist season, which starts this fall.

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