GoPhil partner PEPY Empowering Youth provides disadvantaged Cambodian youth with education, skills, and opportunities they need to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential.

Due to COVID-19, PEPY’s students face unemployment. Just during the last quarter, PEPY’s student and alumni unemployment rate increased by 5%. While PEPY’s team has worked hard to identify new employment opportunities, there are still approximately 30 youth out of work. In addition to assisting students to find employment, PEPY has also extended its support to the families of their students helping them combat the economic fallout due to COVID-19.

Despite COVID-19, we know that PEPY scholars have the potential and drive to reach their dreams and contribute to their communities. In this video, we meet three PEPY students and alumni, Sina Chuon, Narakin Ly, and Kim Ann. 

Sina received her PEPY scholarship in 2016 and majored in Business Management at University. Now, Sina works in a hospital where she can help save children’s lives. She shares, “I am from a farming family, but now I can do much more than farming.”

Narakin received a scholarship in 2019 and spent one year at the learning center as he entered university. In just one year, Narakin has honed his English and computer skills–skills essential for success at university. Through PEPY, he’s gained confidence in himself and with public speaking. Soon, Narakin will begin searching for a job.

As for Kim, she returned to PEPY after obtaining her degree and now works as PEPY’s Youth Empowerment Officer. She is especially proud that 14% of PEPY’s scholars return to the rural villages where they grow up as NGO workers and teachers.

“Supporting our scholarships makes a difference in whole communities and education in Cambodia.”
• Kim •

GoPhil is raising support for PEPY’s scholarship program so students can continue to access quality education and benefit from PEPY’s holistic approach towards development. Don’t let COVID interrupt Cambodian youth’s work toward a brighter future. A PEPY scholarship is the difference between a young person being able to pursue their dreams and giving up on their education. Your contribution can change the life of a young person.