Update from the Field:  Kenya & Uganda
Each time GoPhilanthropic visits with our partner organizations, the value of their work, dedication and impact are reinforced.  Our recent visit to Kenya and Uganda was no exception. (see below for information on our upcoming trips)
Rescuing Girls from Early Marriage and FGM – Narok, Kenya
Two nights before we arrived at MajiMoto, Keses had arrived on the back of a motorcycle. Her teacher had rescued her from an early marriage and brought her to Helen. She was about to be married in exchange for 10 cows as the 4th wife to a man in his sixties. She had been promised while in the womb of the first wife in exchange for a second wife. Keses has completed 8th grade and wants to be a doctor.  The timing was fortunate for Keses with one of our travelers immediately offering to sponsor her education. This event confirmed the importance of our partnership with Director Helen Nkuraiya at MajiMoto and the Entikeng Lepa School more than ever. Girls like Keses are dropped at her door for help all of the time. Another had recently walked for several days alone through the bush to find Helen and have the opportunity to complete an education.  GoPhil has been working alongside Maji Moto for 3 years now supporting various aspects of the program from providing solar panels to their vocational sewing program and offering educational classes in the evening.  
It was wonderful to spend time with the girls GoPhil donors already sponsor and hear their dreams of becoming secretaries, teachers and pilots. We walked away affirming the need for many more sponsorships.
Two girls still seeking sponsorship:   
There are currently still two girls at MajiMoto seeking sponsorship. Sikinan is in second grade and classified as a vulnerable child. She has been at MajiMoto for 4 years.  Her father was killed by an elephant very nearby. Seleya is the child of one of the widows living in the widows village. She is partially deaf and very smart. Please contact us if you would like to see thier bios and consider supporting them. 
(pictures:  Barbara Burger & Keses, Tracey Morrell & Siamantha, a GoPhil student)
GoPhil is thrilled to announce our support for the completion of a teachers dormitory to ensure high quality teachers are retained at the school.  We recently granted $2,500 to complete the $13,000 needed and expect construction to start soon.
A need for books & supplies: We are seeking $1,000 towards school books and supplies are priorities for the coming school year.  If you are interested in helping in this area, visit our donate page and select MajiMoto.
M-Lisada – Music for Life – Kampala, Uganda


Nestled amongst the potholed roads and adjacent slums, Mlisada provides a safe-haven for 110 rescued street children.  Their programs are numerous and provide opportunites for children that change the course of their lives through mentorship, music and education.  
Music permeates the air and Bosco, the founder, is adored by the children and continues to create a stability for them that was once only a dream. He as well as much of the staff have all lived on the streets at one time, and therefore have a unique insight into the problems they are addressing and an ability to relate to the children. A recent grant to reunite the children with their families speaks to it’s success (30 have been reunited).  This time last year food was the priority and as I write this I would like to thank all the current recurring donors, that help meet this most basic need.
Hungry for knowledge in Accouting & Business:
While we were there, GoPhilanthropic reviewed finances and as we see with several of our partner programs, they are hungry for accounting knowledge and business practices.  We will continue to provide support and learning in this area.
Determined to be Self-Sustaining:  
Mlisada’s bands perform approximately 120 concerts a year for parties, diplomats & weddings, earning approximately $15k from these concerts to support themselves.  The ability to get to and from these concerts is paramount as these concerts are the key to sustainability for Mlisada. 
GoPhilanthropic has pledged to fund a 14 seater second hand vehicle for Mlisada.
The vehicle will cost $18,000 of which we have already raised $11,000.  Interested in helping us close the gap – donate here?  Any amount will get us closer.  There are many fun ways to raise funds and we would be happy to discuss any ideas that you have further. 
Sponsoring a Child at M-Lisada: Education for every child remains a priority and a reality at Mlisada for many thanks to numerous donors who sponsor children. If you are interested in learning about the children still awaiting sponsorship, we would be happy to send you pictures and bios.  Email Tracey Morrell:  [email protected] or Mary Jo O’Hara: [email protected]
Join a GoPhilanthropic Journey to Visit these Programs in Person:  
 September 2013 – Journey to TARA Homes for Children in New Delhi and WCRC Women’s Empowerment in Kolhapur, India.
 March 2013  Explore Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, visiting our partner programs in SE Asia.
August 2014 – Journey to Uganda and Kenya to engage with the two programs mentioned above.
Upcoming events:
Paint for Life Art Exhibition:  June 1st, Dallas: 4-9pm, 29 Pieces, 124N. Peak St. Dallas. Don’t live in Dallas but wish to make a donation to ODA, Siem Reap?  Sales from the paintings support their livelihood and education.