GoPhil team member Mary Jo O’Hara returned from Kenya with a group of travelers in April and was thrilled to report that the newly funded solar panels have now been installed at our partner non-profit Maji Moto.  The panels were placed on the top of the school and will now provide critically needed power source for evening classes.  

The sewing income-generating program continues to thrive.  

The women involved are producing T-shirts, reusable sanitary pads and back packs. Our summer volunteers taught the women to sew aprons.   Registration is now taking place for next the March GoPhilanthropic Trip to Uganda and Kenya.  

Computer  / Internet and Printer still needed…  

We are still working on raising the funds for Maji’s “communication package.” Access to the internet is vital on so many levels.  
Registration is now open for March 2013 GP trip to Kenya and Uganda.  Visit here for details!