Parri the Penguin
Ravi the Giraffe
Meet Hoot the Owl, Parri the Penguin, and Ravi the Giraffe!
These adorable stuffed animals (aka, Softies) are handmade by women from families in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  This Softie program is kicking off HUSK’s new Sustainable Village Program – Offering opportunities for gaining access to one of the greatest tools needed for village families – sustainable and regular income.
HUSK could use all of our help as they embark on this new program development.  They are looking for new places (locally and internationally) to sell Softies.  At the beginning of October, they received orders from Australia, Hong Kong, and local businesses in Cambodia that are keeping these women quite busy.  In fact, they needed more hands and were able to recruit, train, and hire three new women to the team just a couple of weeks ago.
These one-off orders are great, but they are in need of more consistent orders to keep the workload sustainable and regular for these women.
Do you know of any retailers that may be interested?  Are you yourself experienced in small business development, and would like to aid in the implementation of the Sustainable Village Program on the whole?
Please email any time if so, or if you would simply like more information.  We can all work together to help kick off this wonderful new program.
Thank you for continuing to make a difference!
The team at GoPhilanthropic – Ingrid, Tracey, Lydia, Linda and Mary Jo