The impact of Volcán de Fuego’s eruption in Guatemala on June 3, 2018, has been absolutely devastating.

The aftermath of this massive eruption is catastrophic with over 12,000 people having been evacuated and some 4,000 currently living in emergency shelters. Over 200 persons remain missing and over 110 deaths have been reported. Since the initial eruption, additional lava flows have prompted additional evacuations as Fuego continues to unleash a dangerous flow of burning sediment. Torrential rainfall has hardened the thick layers of volcanic ash making it even more difficult for rescue workers to dig through the debris. A recent article by the New York Times, Why Guatemala’s Volcano Has Been More Deadly Than Hawaii’s, provides additional context as to the severity of this situation.

As expected in this kind of traumatic disaster, the most urgent and immediate need is for shelter, health care, food and supplies. There has been an outpouring of concern from across the world, but much more is still needed.

Immediately after the tragedy, GoPhil partner EntreMundos, which has a network of nearly 900 NGOs and provides support and capacity building country wide, began a disaster relief effort to collect and deliver food, clothing and other essentials to survivors. They made their first delivery of supplies late last week and as Fabio Carbone (EntreMundos Director) shared, “The need is enormous and will be for some time to come. We will be working very closely with our Board of Directors and with others from around Guatemala to understand the needs of villagers, both immediately and, as importantly, in the mid and long range timeframes. We are here to support the victims, not just in the first weeks of physical and emotional recuperation, but as they rebuild homes, villages and livelihoods.“

If you would like to support this critical effort, you can make your tax deductible donation at the link below. 100% of your donation will be sent to EntreMundos to manage their disaster relief effort.

In the meantime, we will continue to provide updates on the relief efforts in Guatemala.