EntreMundos (EM) had a challenging start to the year with the loss of one of their major funders. However, despite this loss they continue to do so much that is inspirational in supporting and raising up marginalized groups and voices in Guatemala. They have reorganized their programs and are focusing on the most urgent community needs. GoPhil is helping to connect them with alternative sources of funding so that they can continue their important work. 

In the first half of 2019, EM continued to provide capacity-building trainings, including skill-building programs like computer and social media skills, to NGO staff and community groups. EM came up with a creative way to keep their training costs low, so that they could continue to run this crucial program: they began using video conferencing software and offering virtual trainings, which has saved them money and time. Most NGOs have been happy with this change, as it has also saved them money and time by reducing their travel costs.

EM is also working to develop a Guatemalan volunteerism program, encouraging young Guatemalans to give back to their own communities and those less fortunate. Volunteering is not a “tradition” in Guatemala, but EM has witnessed a shift in recent years; the idea for this new program actually came from young Guatemalans themselves, who were coming to EM asking about volunteer opportunities. With a contact database of close to 1,000 registered Guatemalan NGOs in need of support, and this budding interest from the younger generation, the EM volunteerism program has immense potential to generate groundbreaking, positive change in communities across the country.

The EM team is extremely hardworking, dedicated, creative and resilient; we are hopeful that, with support from our community and the younger Guatemalan generation, they will continue to persevere and become more financially sustainable.

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