Working Toward a Collective Vision for the Future:
GoPhilanthropic Foundation & Sustainable Development Goals

Did you know that by partnering with GoPhilanthropic Foundation, you are taking part in a massive, worldwide movement to achieve universal and sustainable development by the year 2030?

Sustainable Development Goals: “A blueprint for shared prosperity” 

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 goals that aim to address the root causes of poverty and inequality and promote sustainable, lasting development. The goals were developed inclusively by a UN Open Working Group, which included civil society organizations, country experts, scientists from around the world, and many other stakeholder groups. The goals are highly specific and practical, including 169 targets and 232 indicators. Unlike previous UN goals, the SDGs apply universally to all UN member states, encouraging global cooperation for a better future. 

Since its inception in 2015, the 2030 Agenda has provided a blueprint for shared prosperity in a sustainable world—a world where all people can live productive, vibrant and peaceful lives on a healthy planet.” – UN SDG Report 2019

How does your support of GoPhil and program partners link to the SDGs? 

GoPhilanthropic Foundation wholeheartedly supports the SDGs and actively works to contribute to 11 out of 17 of the goals, across 7 countries, in collaboration with our global partners. The graphic below maps out the vast array of ways in which we partner to achieve these 10 core goals. 

TIP: The graphic is interactive, so you can click on the boxes by the goals, the boxes by the partner organizations, or any connecting line for a simplified view! To view in full screen, click the icon on the bottom right of the graphic. (Best viewed on desktop.)

The GoPhilanthropic Foundation Priority Areas

GoPhilanthropic Foundation has three core priority areas that are parallel to and work in conjunction with key Sustainable Development Goals: education, health, and human rights. Although GoPhilanthropic supports work to address a wide range of human rights issues, much of this falls under gender equality and the fight against human trafficking. Below, you will see which partner programs are contributing to these priority areas!

Improving access to quality education and opportunities in disadvantaged communities —> SDG #4

Ensuring access to vital healthcare in areas where services are most lacking —> SDG #3

Promoting gender equality and equity and preventing gender-based discrimination and violence —> SDG #5

Addressing human trafficking & exploitation with prevention, protection and prosecution —> SDGs #8 & #16

Thank You for Joining Us!

By supporting GoPhilanthropic Foundation and our diverse, grassroots partners around the globe, YOU are directly contributing to the SDGs, fortifying the collective, movement to universally improve the lives of countless people across the globe by 2030. 

To read more about the SDGs, our global progress, and the work left to be done, check out the 2019 Sustainable Development Goals Report

If these ambitious, important goals are to be achieved by 2030, we must all do our part to keep the momentum alive. With each individual that joins in, the mission as a whole grows stronger, so please share with your networks using the links below or make a donation today, because all change starts at an individual level!

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