54 more students are now water safe and confident in Vietnam.

by Gemma Marshall, Southeast Asia Regional Development Manager

With 2,000 children needlessly drowning in Vietnam each year, water safety instruction is vital to so many who live around rivers, lakes and the ocean.

Enormous thanks to an amazing GoPhil donor for funding this very important water safety workshop with Children’s Educational Foundation in Vietnam.

54 children took part in this year’s Water Days Workshop organized by GoPhil partner program Children’s Educational Foundation (CEF). Participating children were supported on the day by seven CEF staff members, 13 swim teachers and 10 volunteers — all present to provide instruction and keep them safe and feeling confident around the water.

CEF staff member Vy said that “the school provided interesting games relating to water and the children enjoyed themselves. Everyone was very supportive, enthusiastic and responsible.”

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The day went very smoothly with students being split into two groups and getting good amounts of time both in the classroom to learn about what to look out for in the water and the theory behind staying safe, plus time in the water to put everything into practice.

One of the students, Thu, who lives near the beach, commented that she “learned a lot of swimming skills on the day of the workshop.” She now realizes the dangers of water that she normally couldn’t see with her eyes and how to be safe in water.

Another student, Le Thi Sang, commented that it was an important lesson for her to learn swimming skills as well as learning skills to save her life and others in water. She also noted that the teachers were conscientious and enthusiastic.

To learn more about Children’s Education Foundation and how you can join us in this exciting partnership, visit: https://gophilanthropic.org/partner-programs/cef/