GoPhil funded Science Lab and Library near completion in Bhaktapur, Nepal

This Spring, several GoPhil donors pledged to expand the educational facilities at TOIT —a distinctly unique school located in the impoverished outskirts of Bhaktapur, Nepal.   As with most of our partner programs, the inspiration behind this special program began with a single passionate person, refusing to accept the status quo.  Just after finishing his studies at the young age of 22, Indra Prasad Khaitu, started providing free lessons with a group of friends to twenty children from poor families who couldn’t afford the cost for school.


It’s the philosophy and ethos that make this education program remarkable…

Today Indra, his wife Sanchita and a devoted teaching staff offer education to over 130 students, sponsoring yet another 100 more in surrounding private schools.  But it’s the philosophy and ethos that make this education program remarkable. Unlike government schools, TOIT’s teaching model incorporates activities such as chess, organic gardening, computer technology and recycling.  TOIT staff believe these elements foster exactly what Nepal need more of— critical thinkers, creative minds and dynamic young citizens.





Massive destruction caused during the April 2015 EQ

After offering much needed post-earthquake support last year, GoPhil granted funds for the construction of a second floor buildout of a science lab and library.  With this expansion, TOIT could receive its School Learning Certificate, an accreditation needed to attract wealthier, paying students which, founder Indra, feels is both a critical social mix and a way for the school to become autonomous. GoPhil’s subsequent grant has been directed towards equipping the lab and library and expanding the toilets and sanitary facilities.  In past few months, walls, doors and windows have been painted, electricity have been installed, alongside new fans and lights. The final stages will involve purchasing books for library and all of the science lab materials— once this has been completed, GoPhil will disburse the 2nd phase of grant and work will begin on the new toilets.




Apart from the capital improvements to the school, TOIT are planning to invest further in organic farming, in which students will participate, to continue to raise awareness about healthy eating habits.  The farming project has been a long-time dream of Indra who is passionate about the program ultimately being self-sustainable.  GoPhil looks forward to seeing the result of investing in this enterprising school —to help them achieve their dream to stand on their own.

GoPhil / TOIT donor Randy Manley, GoPhil co-founder Lydia Dean, TOIT founder Indra Prasad Khaitu